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A group of guided rides being run by Fiona Griffiths to raise funds for the Welsh Endurance Team

Sunday28th January 2024 at TALYBONT RESERVOIR

Libanus Guided Ride

Wednesday, 28th February 2024

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Libanus Mountain Centre Guided Ride

Wednesday, 28th February 2024

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Kenfig Guided Beach Ride

Thursday 7th March 2024 

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<p>Riders on the homeward bound route of the Cwm Sirhywi Ride 29.05.2016. This is the forestry trail showing a backdrop of Mynydd Machen.<br/></p>

Riders on the homeward bound route of the Cwm Sirhywi Ride 29.05.2016. This is the forestry trail showing a backdrop of Mynydd Machen.

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Cwm Sirhywi Ride 28th and 29th May 2016

A big “thank you” again to all our helpers who made this ride a success

The 4x4 Responders (Wales) provided Radio cover, covered the Check Points, managed that horrid road crossing, sloshed horses, went to pick up  a   shoe-less horse…..and kept smiling.. This time no injuries to treat or lorries to pull out (How on earth did we ever manage without them..)

We had “old ” helpers - Meg and Anita as ever - Sheila and John (again - how would we manage with out them…).

We had our “new” helpers - Vicky and her gang from Swansea, Nesta and her gang….(particular personal thanks for Hannah and Becca riding my ponies on Saturday )- my own little gang - Joy, Maggie, Stacey, Karen and Brian for turning out 3 weeks after their first ride experience.

Vets - Moira and Jenny, Kevin my farrier.  

Kathy for doing endless food and drink runs to keep helpers topped up ….

Heather and Caroline for turning up and being delegated with a range of different tasks - and also nice to have a chat and catch up.

Plas Equestrian for bringing us some “shopping” !

Sue Lees and Gill for their TSing with a smile…

Sue Box for doing the boring bit I hate (Entries and Money) and Celia and Gill for the Saturday food, lots of admin - laminates etc.

All the Riders who were pleasant and courteous and gave nice feedback.

I take full credit for organising the weather! ….and  a big thanks to Bruce Springsteen for letting enough of his energy rub off on me to keep me going!

I do hope I haven’t left anyone out!

Hilary and EGB De Cymru Group

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Message to the helpers at Mynydd y Grug Fun Ride and GER weekend 7th and 8th May 2016

A big THANK YOU to all those volunteers and officials who gave up their time to help at Mynydd y Grug ( 8th May) . A bit like those “talent"shows"in no particular order”;

Meg and Anita -our stalwart Vet writers- I was too busy to have a catch up with them but they just got on with it.

Maggie, Joy and Stacey, an initiation of fire I think! Brilliant at learning quite complicated jobs when you’ve never even seen a Vet Sheet before. Big Thanks to Joy for sorting out my horses post ride.

Kathy- who stepped into the breach with the  Caterers not turning up - umpteen lists of food and drink requests and endless trips to supermarkets and fast food outlets and ensuring helpers were fed and watered. Also for walking a very hot and fed up Gwyn and Ellie for  me - not forgetting umpteen hours route marking.

Val Price-West who came all the way from Lampeter and immediately helped me at the venue before going out on course in a difficult role out on the mountain where there was a lot of different incidents to respond to.

Celia for helping route mark and make sure everyone was fed on Saturday with Gill as well as   loads of admin, laminates and so on and of course taking photos.

Vicky and her gang who took on the Timekeeping role and were simply brilliant and kept smiling throughout.

Nick, Jenny and Moira -just for getting on with it all plus a bit of banter ( as well as some horsey first aid).

Sue Lees and Gill for doing a fabulously chilled TS job and smiling throughout.

Chris and the 4x4 ResponseTeam - where we would be without these guys (and girl!) They worked their socks off! Apart from the usual Check Point and radio communication they had a few potentially critical incidents to respond to. That’s without managing that awful road crossing and pulling out stuck lorries!      

Other random people- the guys from Cornwall who in between crewing helped on the road crossing, Karen and Carol who turned up to find out  a bit about it and got roped in….

Sue Box for doing the tiresome entries  and admin and money.

Sheila for being such an efficient Secretary (with no back up) and John for parking everyone up.

I really hope I haven’t missed anyone out but my brain IS not only getting old but its a little bit fried at this present point in time!

What is so amazing is that everyone who helped wants to do it again….( I did say my brain was fried- maybe I imagined it..)

Thank you all


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<p>De Cymru Riders have fun in the sun! Mynydd y Gaer Fun Ride.<br/>
Sunday 11th October 2015</p>

De Cymru Riders have fun in the sun! Mynydd y Gaer Fun Ride.
Sunday 11th October 2015

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De Cymru Riders have fun in the sun.

De Cymru riders have fun in the sun! - (Published:14 October 2015)
Fantastic Support for Fun Ride organised by De Cymru Branch in conjunction with Bridgend Rotary Club in support of Mesothelioma UK.

In July 2015, a sub – committee was created to search for suitable routes and venues in the area between Swansea and Cardiff. This culminated in a special ride to raise funds in support of the charity, Mesothelioma UK.

On Sunday 11th October, the De Cymru Branch welcomed 50 riders to the South Wales Equestrian Centre in Bridgend for a fun ride of approximately 18km of good going across open moorland tracks, quiet lanes and a little forestry. Jointly organised by Jenny Myerscough and June Davies with support from Richie Davies, our timekeepers, Sheila and John Woolvin and volunteers from Bridgend Rotary Club who manned checkpoints and gates where possible.

As our Indian Summer continued into October, Jenny reported the going remained good with lots of skylarks, buzzards, kestrels, kites and even peregrine falcons to spot. Also as the weather was good, the riders were treated to fantastic views up to central Wales and down over the Channel.

Also thanks to Gill De Vita and Alessia De Vita who both came to help with the charity merchandise, Vicky Harrison and Lyndsey Lewis who helped with route reccying as part of the sub – committee group.

The De Cymru Branch members are thrilled to be able to make a donation of £500 to Mesothelioma UK.

In memory and respect for lives lost to this form of cancer but especially Sue Box’s father, Robin Thomas Austin Box of Evesham, who passed away in 2010 and Gill De Vita’s husband, Enrico De Vita of Newport, who passed away in December 2014.

Celia Saunders

Chair of EGB De Cymru Branch


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