Our Sponsors 

Nick West Equine

Sponsor of two prizes. 

The Nick West Equine Endurance Prize
A prize for the highest point pure bred registered Arabian Horse of the season which will consist of a routine annual Vaccination of Flu or Flu and Tetanus (visit not included), plus worming products to worm a horse for a year.

Gwobr Dycnwch Cymru 
(Nick West Equine Welsh Endurance Prize)
A prize for the highest point part bred Arabian horse of the season which will consist of an examination and a routine vaccination, visit not included. (Can be taken separately).

Artantix  Art and Photography
Celia Saunders' website mainly for all forms of equestrian  
For more information contact: 07760457787

Celia is sponsoring the Efosa Trophy

Andrea Planchant  -  Bowen Therapist for the Horse and Rider
Does your horse suffer from:
Ÿ Unlevelness or uneven shoe wear?
Ÿ Stiffness on one rein?
Ÿ Sore or cold back?
Ÿ Uncharacteristic change in temperament?
Ÿ Deterioration in performance?

Are you in balance with your horse?  Do you sit evenly in the saddle?

The Bowen Technique promotes healing and pain relief working to re-balance the horse and/or rider to enable them to work together effectively.

For more information contact:  Tel: 07791118538 or
e.mail :  andrea.planchant@tiscali.co.uk 
Visit  www.welshbowentherapy.co.uk                                                     

Andrea is sponsoring a Novice Trophy.

Annabel Thomas - McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapist.
Annabel Thomas is sponsoring a Junior High Point Rider Trophy.
       The 'Back Lady' for YOU and YOUR ANIMALS
Gentle Effective Manipulation & Massage to relieve problems such as:
You                                                          Your Animals
Migraine & Headaches                       Unexplained Lameness
Stiff Neck or Back Pain                        Loss of Performance
Sciatica                                                  Difficulty or refusal to Jump
Imbalance in the saddle                     Bucking or Rearing
Contact Annabel on 07989 744067 or for further information www.annabelthomas.co.uk


Lady Marina Pritchard

Penny Cavill

Sue Box

Hilary Cuming

Tony Edwards of Troed-y-Rhiw Homes

Krissie Jones