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Talybont Reservoir Ride

Sunday, 31st March 2024

Updated with ride info downloads 26.03.2024 Click here to go to ride page

Our latest Talybont Sticker for 2024

Guided Rides

Raising Funds for the Welsh Endurance Team

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EGB De Cymru Annual Awards

presented at the

Branch Annual Meeting

on 19th January 2024

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Talybont Reservoir Ride

15th October 2023

Performance Formula Results

Added 18th October 2023

Class 1 40km GER

1st Hilary Kaye - Cwmcynwal Real Deal

2nd Antonia Milner-Matthews - Sameera

Class 3  32km GER

1st Julie Jones - TM Valentino

2nd Sarah Williams - Copo De Nieve

3rd Sally McIlwaine - Yawl Hill Big Yin

Class 4  32km Novice GER

1st Kerry Carson - FOD Misty Blue

2nd  Charlie Turley - Druimghigha Lantana

3rd  Kay Crawford - Prince of Hope

Great thanks to Belinda Stewart for providing prizes for the Performance Formula Classes and for helping at the ride.

Talybont Reservoir Ride

15th October 2023

Map added 05/10/2023 

Map added 05/10/2023

Welcome Letter added 10/10/2023

Talk Through added 10/10/2023

Bib numbers with vet times added 11/10/2023

Wentwood Pleasure Ride

Local Group Ride 

Sunday, 14 January 2024 

Added 21st September 2023

Entries invited for this popular Welsh ride and venue. Click here for ride details

De Cymru Group Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner 

Notice of EGB De Cymru Branch Annual Meeting (BAM) 

Friday 19th January 2024

The BAM and Annual Awards Dinner will be held on Friday 19th January 2024 at Junction 28 Restaurant, Station Approach, Bassaleg, Newport NP10 8LD Click here for all the details

Talybont Reservoir Ride

Sunday15th October 2023

Added 14th September 2023

Entries invited for this scenic Welsh ride. Click here for ride details

Map and further info will be added as soon we have updated route details.

Further info will be added as and when it is ready.

EGB De Cymru Awards 2022

Added 28th January 2023

Presented at the Annual Meeting on 27th January 2023

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Branch Annual Meeting (BAM) Update

Added 20th January2023

There is a excellent new facility through Clubhouse "Dashboard" to communicate with a wide range of Members, Supporters, Groups and their Committees.

However having attempted to send a reminder about the BAM and Awards Dinner it can only be sent to members and others who have rejoined for 2023. 

Accordingly this message will be posted on the EGB De Cymru website and Facebook page as the remaining method to communicate the reminder!

The Committee look forward to welcoming you all on 27th January at Junction 28, Bassaleg.

Annual Meeting and Awards

Talybont Reservoir Ride 2023

open for entries.

Added 20th January 2023

Info and Photographs will be added as we get updates. Please check Talybont Ride Page.

The Group Pleasure Ride Saturday11th March 2023 Click Here

The National Ride Sunday 12th March 2023 Click Here

Notice of EGB De Cymru

Branch Annual Meeting (BAM)

Info added 27th December 2022

The BAM and Annual Awards Dinner will be held on Friday 27th January 2023 at Junction 28 Restaurant, Station Approach, Bassaleg, Newport NP10 8LD 

Please arrive at 7pm for the meeting at 7.30pm, followed by the Dinner and Awards presentation. 

Please note you do not have to attend the Dinner if you prefer not to do so.

For more information and the Menu, the details will soon be available on Clubhouse. Please sign in to Clubhouse and go to Local Events in order to make your Menu choices - a £5 deposit is required. The Menu will also be available on the Website for information. 

We look forward to seeing you for the Groups Annual celebration !

The Agenda will be posted on the Website nearer the time of the BAM

Trophy Info for Claiming Your

Awards and Rosettes for 2022 Season

Info added 3rd November 2022

It is that time of year when the Trophy Secretary has the task of working out all the points for the Trophies and Rosettes. All the info is now on the Trophy Information Page where you can download the three documents for claiming your awards.

There is a Trophy Card which should have been filled in with the rides attended this season. There are Awards being claimed sheets and updated info sheet on all the trophies and how to claim. Claiming is really simple. Fill in the Trophy Card, the awards being claimed sheets and scan or photograph them. Email to by 21st November 2022.

Talybont Reservoir Ride Update

15th October 2022

Updated info added 11th October 2022

Please go to Talybont Page for Class and Bib Numbers,updated Welcome letter and info plus the Ride Talk Through. 

Talybont Reservoir Ride 15th October 2022

Added Tuesday 4th October 2022

De Cymru Group's last ride of the season is looking good with the promise of stunning scenery. Fiona Griffiths, the Ride Organiser has been riding and checking the route to make sure it is riding well. A few changes have been made to the map for 2022. Fiona felt that it would be better to ride the opposite way to previous years.

The map may be found on the Talybont Page on this site. Other info will be uploaded there when it becomes available. It will also be available on EGB Clubhouse Talybont Ride Page when ready.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Welsh Endurance Team Committee

Praise the Team Members

Added 15th September 2022

The Committee are pleased to announce that the Wales Endurance Team has won both the Home International and The Celtic Challenge.

The team of Georgina Vaughan, Belinda Stewart, Fiona Griffiths, Nicola Smith, Charlie Turley, Kirsty Wiscombe, Sue Box, Alex Powell, Maisie Denham, Tess Uruski, Hayley Tipples and Summer Addiscott returned a wonderful team performance.

Chef d'euipe Steve Smith said -“The riders and crew supported each other magnificently to ensure that we had every chance to carry away the trophies - the team of very special horses finished the job”

The Welsh Endurance Team were selected from individuals and members of South and West Wales  Group, Offa's Dyke Group and De Cymru Group. 

Home International

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 1st Wales

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 2nd Scotland

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 3rd England

Celtic Challenge

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 1st Wales

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 2nd Scotland

Added 8th September 2022

Congratulations and Good Luck to our

De Cymru members as follows:

International Acclaim

Firstly - our congratulations go to Fiona Griffiths and Balishla (aka Goofy) for qualifying for the World Endurance Championships in Verona in October . Fiona qualified with her success winning the 160km CER earlier this year at Kings Forest.  Fiona says she is proud of, not only her achievements, but of Goofy - an Anglo-Arab she hastrained at home. Fiona supports local events and organises the National Talybont GER.  

Fiona (and granddaughter Alex Powell)  have celebrated several other successes and wins this year.  Additionally both are on the Wales Team for the 2022 Home International being held in Scotland on the 10th and 11th September.

Home International 

Several of the Group's members have been selected for the Welsh Team (being held on 10th and 11th September), namely:- 

Sue Box and HS Emerillon

Charlie Turley and Sharloam Bel Bel

Fiona Griffiths and Echo

Alex Powell and Katmando

Nicola Smith and Sharloam Tsarina

Georgina Vaughan and CD Bellatrix

Tess Uruski and Fedw Sir Prize 

Summer Addiscott and Twyncarmel Miss Money Penny

Commiserations to Fleur Alexander and Kevin Plunkett for being unable to participate due to personal reasons. 

Other news 

Bridget Stein has offered to do a Talk on her adventures riding the length of Wales- Look out for more information on Date and Venue - we're looking forward to it!

Pictured below: Fiona Griffiths' Echo and Mani's last training prep for before their long journey to Scotland.

Added 8th September 2022


Hello to all De Cymru members and Supporters. This is an update from the previous message asking for any suggestions for routes for potential future rides.

Firstly, I have been informed that some messages have not come through to me. If anyone has contacted me but has had no response, my email address is or alternatively, phone or text on 07920728641

So, this is the list so far- not a huge amount but that's probably a good thing if they're all to be reccied.

Vale of Clettwr area - with venue - thanks Jilly and Rei

Caerphilly area including the Wenallt and Castell Coch - thanks to Cerian

Margam Park area - thanks to Nia - also this has been an EGB Ride several years ago so there may be some ideas as well from those who remember it.

Manmoel and adjoining areas - thanks to Caroline

Llancaiach and area on Rhymney Ridgeway path north-Caerphilly CCBC have offered the Group a venue but the route would need a fair bit of research - on horse, on foot, by car ......and finding out Landowners. So, if anyone knows the area please get in touch!

Erwood - again for those of you who remember the old Red Dragon route used to go on to the Commons above Erwood and have a field for on course vetting. Brecon Hunt (Liz Davies) has run this Ride and indeed several others in the area on which some of you may have more information.

Mynydd y Gaer - the Group have run some Rides in the area in past years so there may be some archived information which could help to revive this.

Twmbarlwm has a lot of potential but consists of several Commons all with contacts to identify.

So - there are potentially quite a few options for the Group to consider. In the short term it probably makes sense to look at the first four suggestions in the first instance.

In the medium and longer term there are again several ways to start to research the remainder.

So, what's the way forward? Well, it would be possible for the Group Committee to make some suggestions - they meet on 5th September. But suggestions from YOU are needed!

It feels as if it might make sense to have a get together for those of you interested to share thoughts. Clearly one of the main reasons to be looking at this whole idea is to get our members and others to ride together and get to know each other. It would also provide an opportunity to learn some more about Endurance as a sport and ask questions and benefit from the experience of others.

The idea of a Team approach to Ride Organisation is still part of the whole rationale - sharing the tasks more widely - and hoping some existing and new members will dip their toe in the water! It might be quite warm! Obviously meeting up to ride and reccy isn't only for members and supporters but for your riding friends and family (and non - riding friends - walkers and cyclists' welcome!).

Please do respond to this mailshot with your ideas - either by the Contact facility on the Website or via Facebook or by contacting any of the Committee.

It would be good to have a Social Event where we can look at how to organise "reccying teams" and provide an opportunity to look back on your Endurance season or plan what's left for 2022 or look forward to 2023.

Any ideas for where and when to meet please do pass on. If not, a meeting will be arranged - probably informally in a pub but if there is a lot of interest a meeting room can be hired.

In the meantime, I'm happy to continue to coordinate and facilitate this initiative and can be contacted by email on or by phone on 07920728641

It would be really good to hear from you and we can plan some activities over the Autumn and Winter months.

Happy Riding

Hilary Cuming

Added 12th May 2022

“Today, Fiona, Rob and I went armed with loppers, saws and other instruments of foliage destruction to clear more of the path turning right off the road into the wood for Jubilee Ride - so it's not quite as narrow and overgrown –though of course everything is growing at a pace atm. Visit Facebook for pictures! Thanks Fiona and Rob! 

STOP PRESS News- to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee you are all invited to dress up in your best Royal regalia! 

Prizes for “Best Themed Regal Turn Out “– Class 1- Under 18’s, Class 2 – Over 18’s. We look forward to seeing you at Mynyddislwyn on 3rd June!” 

Hilary Cuming (Ride Organiser) 

Added 6th May 2022

Message from Ride Organiser

May Day Ride

 Firstly – thanks to Maggie and Mike again for letting us use the Club! Then – of course to Celia for doing the online entries and many admin tasks as well as helping route mark, Sheila for being our wonderful Secretary and Fiona for Timekeeping and for being so cheerful and encouraging, Chris for going out on the route to ensure Riders were all OK and Steve for being talent Scout and Karen for doing the Road Crossing.

 Secondly –thanks to all the lovely Riders who came! I haven’t met such a great bunch of people since- umm- well Good Friday’s ride. Seriously though you were all so friendly and enthusiastic and enjoyed yourselves.

 The Jubilee Ride will use the same (almost!) route in reverse with some small changes. I have asked Caerphilly CBC if it would be possible for the barriers along the SVCP to be unlocked to avoid he walkovers. There will also be a (wider!) alternative right turn to access the tracks off the road from the venue.

 Remember – we have an Awards evening with our Branch Annual Meeting (usually late January). Distance claims start at 100km (per annum) rising to 500km plus there are many different trophies- we plan to update this information soon. Meanwhile – hope you all enjoyed the soak in the bath....

 Looking forward to seeing you at Jubilee

 Hilary (Ride Organiser)

Added 16th April 2022

What a lovely day in Mynyddiswlyn! Weather was exceptional.

The Feedback from the Riders who came appeared to be very positive - everyone enjoyed themselves. I did try to tell everyone that the next 2 Rides will have much better going and stunning tracks with bluebells .

Thanks as follows:

Firstly to Mike and Maggie Amodeo for letting us use the shooting Club as our venue (and proper flushing loos!)

Next - all the helpers - Celia – taking on the role of Entry Secretary – quite a challenge but very efficiently executed! And for assisting the wonderful Sheila on the day to process all that was needed. Nic and Steve for timekeeping, H&S and road crossing stewarding. Kathy and Karen for keeping Riders safe coming out of Wattsville and Fiona and hubby for ensuring Riders crossed safely into the Sirhowy Valley. Frankie Turley for getting roped in to cover a Road crossing!

Looking forward to seeing lots of you again soon!


Hilary (Ride Organiser)

Added 24th February 2022


Click on PDF below

24TH FEBRUARY 2022 News.pdf 24TH FEBRUARY 2022 News.pdf
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5th February 2022

The 2022 Trophy Card is ready for you to download and print. Trophy Information and how to submit your Trophy Card at the end of the season is currently being updated and will appear on the Trophy Information Page very shortly.

Download your Trophy Card for 2022

1st February 2022
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