If you are hoping to get started in Endurance, the following information may help. Members are only too happy to answer any questions you may have, so if your query is not covered here, please get in touch by filling in the contact form on our Contact Us page.

Endurance Riding – Some Introductory Information

What is Endurance?

It's one of the fastest growing equestrian Sports in the UK.

Who's it run by?

It's run by an organisation called “Endurance GB”. There is a Management Committee, and an

Office which is based in Stoneleigh.

However it is the local Groups who organise the rides both at National and Local level.

What sort of distance are these rides?

Anything from 10 to 100 miles!

What type of rides could I do?

There are basically 3 different types of rides available:

1. Pleasure Rides ( PRs) aka Fun, Training or Social rides.

These are often run by the local group for pleasure or training purposes but they can also be one of

the classes in a national Ride.

Distances would range from 5 to 20 miles

2. Graded Endurance Rides (GER)

For these your horse would need to be registered with the society(EGB) and have a Log Book

Ride distances from 20 miles to 50 miles (or more). Sometimes there will be a greater mileage over

two days.

Your horse would need to be presented to a vet both before starting and after finishing. There are

heart rate and speed parameters which would result in a Grade (1,2 ,3,4) or simply a „Completion‟.

National points can be gained from these rides.

3. Competitive Endurance Rides (CER)

These are longer distances (from 50miles upwards). Vetting is stricter than with GERs and there would

be vet holds on route. Unlike GERs there are placing‟s to determine which colour rosette! National

points are also awarded.

Do I have to have an Arab?

No! Definitely not! Any fit and sound horse can compete!

What about specialised tack?

Again no! You can ride in any well fitting saddle. Numnahs and girths need to be clean and not rub

your horse - just like in any other equestrian sport. There are many saddles designed for Endurance

which can benefit both you and your horse, especially over longer distances. Special stirrups can

also help and non leather bridles etc are easier to maintain and there are some lovely colours


Can I compete my horse barefoot?

Yes – you know your own horse! All horses are presented to the farrier before starting a GER or CER

so as long as their feet are OK on the day shod or unshod you will be able to start.

What sort of levels are there for Riders and Horses?

3 basic levels for competition for which there are ways to progress:

Novice, Open and finally Advanced.

How can I find out more?

You can visit the De Cymru Endurance GB website www.egbdecymru.co.uk.......... or contact....01495 272267.....

The Group is a new Group for South Wales covering the M4 corridor and to the north and south of

it. The Group will be running Rides and other Activities (Social , training and information events

during 2009).

If you want to have a taste of endurance you can join as an Associate member (see the website for

form and details). The group aim to be friendly and welcoming especially to new members because

we recognise there's a lot to find out about and a lot of people to get to know!

The group will also be offering a range of annual awards and trophies for local members so who

knows what you may achieve!


Information from Endurance GB Website. 

Non members are welcome to come and see our Rides, ask questions and find out about our sport. If they wish to become more involved then they will be very welcome to help at our Rides, for details please see our Volunteers page.

Non members can enter Pleasure Rides but as they will be a Temporary Day Member (TDM) they will need to pay a higher entry fee.
Non members can join an EGB Group as an Associate member and then they can enter Group rides and activities at members’ rates – see Groups pages for details.
Non members can join EGB as a Full member, they then can enter all rides for which they are qualified and pay only members’ rates.


We also have some special schemes which allow non members of EGB to enjoy certain classes of endurance rides and so experience what it is like to be a ‘competitive’ endurance rider:
British Riding Club members can form a team and enter certain classes at EGB rides at special rates see BRC Team Event for details.
Pony Club members can enter certain classes at EGB rides at special rates, see the Pony Club website for details.
TryBeforeYouBuy allows non members to enter a maximum of two Graded Endurance classes (max 40kms) as a novice, for details see the Joining/Try-Before-You-Buy page.


If you decide to join EGB as a full member, then you can join online OR you can download a membership form, complete it and send it to the EGB office at Stoneleigh Park with a SAE.

By Post to the Registered Office:

Endurance GB

Abbey Park, 


You will also need to register your horse, unless you only wish to do Pleasure Rides. Otherwise you can register your horse online OR download a registration form, complete it and send it to the EGB office at Stoneleigh Park with a SAE.
New horses will also need a logbook unless they are only going to do Pleasure Rides.