What Rides Are There? 

It must be stressed that the welfare of the horse is paramount in ALL the different events that are organised by Endurance GB

Fun Rides or Pleasure Rides (PRs)
Sometimes called group, training or social rides. These rides can be organised by an EGB Group or they can be part of a national ride advertised in the Handbook.
Group Rides are open to full members of EGB, associate members and non members. Full and associate members may enter at members’ rates. These rides are not vetted, but horses must be at least 4yo.They can be any distance up to a maximum of 40 km. They should be completed at 8 km/hour minimum speed and 12 km/hour maximum speed. However a Group may specify a class for Open or Advanced horses only with a speed range of 8 - 15kph.

National PRs are open to full members of EGB, associate members and non-members. Associate members and non members must pay the temporary day membership rate. The ride can be any distance from 10km to a maximum of 40km (+/- 5%) and it must be completed at greater than 8 km/hour minimum speed and must not exceed 12 km/hour maximum speed. Horses must be 4yo or over. As these rides are run in conjunction with Endurance Rides, all horses must be checked by the farrier and be trotted up before the Ride. At the end of the Ride, they must present for vetting within 30 minutes.


Endurance Rides 
There are two types of endurance rides and all horses in these rides are vetted.
1.  Graded Endurance Rides (GERs) where horses who successfully complete the ride will be awarded a grade based on pulse and speed. Subject to certain restrictions these classes are open to members and non members.  Graded Endurance rides are open to members of EGB and SERC who have a registered horse; they may be entered at membership rates. Certain classes are also open to British Riding Club Team members and Pony Club members. They may enter at members’ rates, for full details please check out the BRC Team event page and the Pony Club website. Apart from these schemes, Non members and Associate members may only enter GERs if they ride a horse registered with EGB or they are registered under the TBYB scheme - for full details on the type and number of classes please see the TryBeforeYouBuy page.
GERs are between 30-160 km. They can be over one day or over several days. Speed varies between 8-18 km/hour but there are restrictions on speeds and distances for novice horses and for more advanced combinations there are higher minimum speeds. Horses must comply with set veterinary parameters before and after the Ride for a successful completion. Rides of more than 55km will have at least one vet hold. Gradings may be awarded to successful competitors.


2.  Competitive Endurance Rides (CERs) where horses who successfully complete the ride are ranked in order of finishing.  Only advanced rider/horse combinations may enter CERs.
They are the hardest test for both. CER classes may be organised as National rides or FEI rides. All International competitions are Competitive Endurance Rides. CERs begin with a mass start, and the riders aim to cover the distance as fast as they can, taking into account the terrain and welfare of their horse. During the Ride the rider will be required to present their horse to the vet at various set intervals to be checked as fit to continue. Following this are rest periods called "holds" where the horse and rider can eat and take a breather before continuing. Many riders' ultimate goal is the successful completion of a Competitive Endurance Ride. These vary from 80 - 160 km in a day or longer over several days.

Elevator Rides:  Some single or multi-day CERs in excess of 100km may run as 'Elevator rides'.  A rider may exercise the option to retire from the ride at any of the vet gates nominated by the Ride Organiser. They must have completed at least 60% of the advertised distance, and they will be credited with that distance if:

·         they are within the permitted time parameters, and

·         they have passed the veterinary inspection including any compulsory re-examination.